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To develop and provide professionally trained managers, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan established the Department of Business Administration in December, 1977 and classes for the first batch started on March 15, 1978. IMS is now one of the largest business school of the country with well over 1000 students and a permanent faculty of 30 teachers with a large complex of buildings providing all possible facilities at one place. These, together with the congenial environment offered by a very attractive University Campus, set in unspoiled countryside, will make most memorable stay at the Campus.
The goal of the Institute is to prepare students for a successful management career. Since its inception, the Institute has endeavored to give its students an education that enables them to face any challenge in their professional life. Up till now, more than 1700 students have graduated from the Institute who occupy middle and senior management positions in the hierarchy of national and multinational organizations.


To be a leading Business School in the region, committed to excellence in Management Studies & Business Research that could professionally contribute toward Industrial & Economic Development.


Institute of Management Sciences (IMS) is striving for enabling environment in which business graduates could develop their Managerial & Research skills through flexible and diversified curriculum and comprehensive professional development programs. IMS is creating value for students through Masters & Undergraduates programs, for teachers through providing challenging working environment and setting high teaching & research standards, and for business community through providing outstanding graduates and publishing quality research. A team of learned faculty members with diversified academic and research background in the areas like accounting, finance, management, marketing and behavioral & social sciences is doing its best for attaining high performance standards by means of:
• Capability and competency building for professional development.
• Critical and analytical thinking for managerial problem solving.
• Creativity and team work.
• Managerial and leadership abilities.
• Producing quality research

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