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In manage Language option we provide two options first is List in which we provide different many languages you can easily adjust any language as you like and after that you may check PDF, Excel, Copy etc. 

And second option is add in which you can easily add any language as you understand and in last click on submit button.

  • Create your language with No Space, No Capital Letter, and No Special Character. Ex: English 
  • After Create your own language please update all label as per another language before activate your language 
  • Now you are ready to activate your language.


For manage languages please follow the next steps:  

  1. Login to System Admin Panel.  
  2. Select Language menu from left side bar.  
  3. From Language List Click Update label button to update language label/phrase  
  4. To Edit your language name click Edit button.  
  5. To activate your expected language click Activate button.  
  6. To delete unnecessary language click Delete button.  
  7. To add new language click Add Language tab and fill up fields with data/value.  

You are done with Language module.

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